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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


So, I lowered the prices on my bags. I don't think people want to spend so much on cute bags, especially when we're all trying to save these days. =) Visit my etsy shop and take a look!!! Little Gamine

If any of you are Grey's Anatomy great was the season finale?!?!

I must get back to sewing. My new job is finally coming along and hopefully I'll be in my office by next week!

Hope you're all doing well and the universe is giving you all your hearts desires =)


  1. Hey happy lady!

    Gorgeous bags - when i fall preggies I have to order a "diaper bag" from South Africa we say Nappy bag.

    xoxoxo - my blog should be up and running again soon. Will let ya know when it is...

  2. hey hun!
    i'm having a makeup sale on my blog
    so feel free to check it out =)

  3. beautiful bags, i think i will need one soon. i spent the whole second half of grey's with a box of kleenex!

  4. Great blog :). Hugs from Norway

  5. so so lovely about your photo !!