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Friday, March 26, 2010

My (Big Fat) Greek Adventure

2009 Wasn't very kind to me. It was a rough year, as far as relationships and money go. I was at a dead end job, my relationship was ending and I was suffering from depression.
Then one day, I received a check in the mail with a small inheritance from a distant aunt whom I never even knew I had.
It was such a blessing! I used the money to pay off my car, then I quit my horrible job and took off to Greece for a few weeks. It was incredibly liberating! I had traveled before but not on my own and it had been a dream of mine to visit Greece and see the gorgeous islands, the temples of the gods and home of the Olympics. I was always a Greek Mythology nerd growing up, so this added to my desire to visit.
The country was beautiful. The food was delicious. The people were kind. It was a photographers (or an amateur, like moi!) perfect dream!!

Here are a few photos I took from my trip...

*you can see more of my photos on my flickr site*


  1. Oh my how gorgeous! I have to go there one day...

  2. Hi, I'm new to following your blog. These photos are amazing! So bright and colorful, I almost feel like I've been there. Great work on your blog, really inspiring! Cheers, Tom