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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Pixels for Saturday

Happy weekend!

For the first time in a very long time, I have the whole weekend off. I plan to spend it sewing bags and driving around aimlessly whilest looking for photo ops on every corner.
I have finally updated my flickr account so that my family can see what I've been up, here are some of my photos that I've just added... =)
Self Portrait

Los Angeles: My home

The Buddha on my dashboard

My name on an art piece

My boyfriend getting tattooed by his close friend

8 week old puppy..biggest I've ever seen!

Waterfall at the Arboretum

Los Angeles


Stop sign

Lemon Drop Martini

My sister at the train station

I wish you all a wonderful, relaxing, creative and fun filled weekend!


  1. Great photography, love your self portrait, you are gorgeous!

  2. what a lovely intro to your blog. i adore it, you, tats, pixie cuts, art, LA.

    you really are breathtakingly beautiful. i know, that's creepy bc you don't know me.


  3. what a lovely blog! love this post :D love your tattoos aswel :)
    hope your weekend is fab!